Food Addiction: When theStruggle is Real

Food addiction has been compared to addictive drug use. Food addiction is something I have fought for most of my life. Understanding your emotions can help you better understand your food addiction. Food addiction, which may explain part of the epidemic, is slowly and finally “catching on”. I know that food addiction is a problem among many Americans and decided that it was time I Shared the information I had learned.

Now, this isn’t to say that the idea of “food addiction”, particularly to foods high in fat and sugar, is complete nonsense. The latest evidence suggesting that food addiction really does exist comes from a small study at Yale that has gotten major league attention. Twenty-eight scientific studies and papers on food addiction have been published this year, according to a National Library of Medicine database.

Two of these traits – known as negative urgency and lack of perseverance – were particularly associated with food addiction and high BMI during the study. Food addiction must certainly be a bigger problem on a global scale than alcohol or drug addiction since food is legal and available for anyone to purchase at any age.

They argue that government action is necessary to curb Britain’s addiction to unhealthy food and help halt spiraling rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. An irrational fear of caffeine addiction turns some people against coffee, says Marcia Pelchat, a food researcher at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

So we think that what’s going on in addiction is people who are addicted do not have the same pleasures at natural reinforcers like food, so that they may be taking drugs to compensate. Mr Beer said he became so overweight because of an addiction to food, but is now trying to sort himself out and plans to go to a boot camp later this month.

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